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Shelly Banks-Oil Painter

I am a Canadian artist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, that mainly works in oil paintings.  I have always been fascinated with and doing art all my life as a hobby throughout various mediums such as mosaics, bookbinding, coloured pencil art, watercolours and acrylic painting.


I discovered my love of oil painting just over 5 years ago and am passionate about the vibrancy and luminosity that only oils can achieve. I am continually learning about oils through workshops and then putting what I've learned into practice. My inspiration has always been nature-based to create favourite subjects such as animals, still life and flowers.


I also work at a well-known local art supply store and am constantly excited by products and can't help but be inspired to try new approaches in my works of art. Moving forward I am optimistic in always learning new techniques to bring new life to my paintings. 'Life is too short to not do what you makes me happy'--Shelly Banks 


I sell one-of-a-kind, never duplicated pieces of art, so you know that you're getting a Shelly Banks original.  And with most paintings you will receive a complimentary frame that I've chosen to best show off the painting.  Paintings, unless otherwise mentioned, are done on cotton canvas.  All prices listed are in Canadian $


"Her kindness & desire to share beauty & joy are reflected in her subject matter, colour choices & paint handling.  Beautiful paintings are more than just a pretty picture.  Her heart is in her canvas."  --Kim F

"A painting can tell us a lot about an artist.  Shelly's paintings reflect a wonderful sense of joy, innocence & an unfailing optimism." --Sharon K

"Shelly's charming, vivid paintings would look wonderful on any wall.  Just like Shelly herself they show a love of beauty and a zest for life--and occasionally, as in some of her wildlife portraits, you can share her irrepressible sense of humour!" --Shelley W

"Her paintings are so nice to look at hanging on the wall.  I have given her paintings as gifts to family & friends and they all love them." --Jeff H

"We have a few of Shelly's paintings and they are perfect.  The style of her paintings work well in our various spaces and interior design.  We'll definitely keep collecting her art work in the future." --Ryan H

"Shelly's art very much reflects her character; her energy; her vibrancy; FULL!"  --Andrea S

"Shelly's paintings show a hidden sense of fierce determination."  --Angelica L



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